How do I protect my dog from ticks?

Can one protect a dog from ticks?

Prevention is always better than cure! Preventing a tick bite altogether is unfortunately not possible, but you can significantly reduce the chance of a tick bite by using tick repellents such as a tick tape or a pipette.

With which products can you protect your dog against ticks?

There are various sign repellents on the market. We'll explain some of them.


The so-called spot-on products come in the form of a pipette, with which you can drip the product yourself into your dog's neck. The active substances in the fluid are absorbed by the skin and spread through the skin oil that the dog naturally excretes.

A spot-on product usually works for a month. In order to continue to protect your dog against ticks, this treatment should then be repeated on a monthly basis. Does your dog swim a lot? Not all resources maintain their effectiveness. Always check the product leaflet.

An example of spot-on product for dogs against ticks is Advantix.

Tick collar

A tick collar is ideal if you want to protect your dog against ticks for a long time. Tick collars can protect your dog against ticks for up to eight months. The active substance in the collar spreads through the skin oil of the dog.

Most collars have a break mechanism. This means that when the dog remains somewhere to hang on with its neck link, the neck link automatically breaks.

Examples of tick bands that protect dogs from ticks are Scalibor and Seresto. The Seresto collar also protects dogs against fleas and lice.

Please note: no single remedy is 100% effective against ticks, which is why it is always important to check your dog regularly for ticks. Places where ticks like to sit are the groin, armpits and head, but a tick bite can be anywhere! The sooner a tick is removed, the less chance there is of transmitting disease.